Ahí estaba otra vez, por tercera ocasión, fue difícil describirlo sin sentir de nuevo la emoción, me costó bajar para poder recordarlo, ver los videos, las fotos o escuchar de nuevo las canciones. No puedo decir mucho, contaré la historia de forma visual y un par de párrafos hechos por The Blaze que dirán como viví el Primavera Sound.

There I was again, for the third time, it was difficult to describe it without feeling the emotion again, I had trouble to go down to be able to remember it, watch the videos, the photos or listen the songs again. I can't say too much, I'll only tell the story visually and a couple of paragraphs made by The Blaze that will say how I lived Primavera Sound.

Sometimes there is no words
But silence is still talking
We look so different first
Then we start to believe in something

  O U T F I T S : 
Day 1: T-shirt-Fiorella / Jeans-Pull&Bear / Sneakers-Nike / Eyewear-Ray Ban 
Day 2: T-shirt-Kappa / Jeans-Levi's / Red Eyewear / MoneyBag-Zara 
Day 3: Shirt-Versace / TankTop-H&M / Pants-21Men / Sneakers-Adidas / Red Eyewear

Oh, come with me, we're gonna burn a sunset
Just take your lighter, sky will be better in red
We will find some love, and we will find some light
We'll never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright


Father John Misty - The Blaze - Lykke Li

Lorde - Beach House - Bjork

 See you next year Primavera Sound,
I cried softly, I screamed loud  and I felt deeply in the high sky 


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